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My incredible clients' testimonials & FAQs

It is 100% normal to be nervous when you are thinking about being in front of a camera, let alone if you are planning on showing a lot of skin! Even the most body-positive people can be shy at first.

However, the skin is just the largest organ in our body. That's it - I said it!
It's nothing to be ashamed of showing. If anything, we should be grateful to it as it keeps us alive!

If you are still pondering (and I get it, trust me), nothing is more reassuring than my previous clients' words.

Each testimonial digs into the personal journey of the individual who has entrusted me to capture their truth.

I pride myself in offering an inclusive and safe space for people to share their stories through my portrait photography.

Read some kind words below and see why I call my body-positive portrait sessions an "experience".

(Hint: it's because they are so much more. Previous clients called them life-changing.)

I wanted to do this for a while, but I was so nervous - until I met Luana. Working with her was an incredible experience - I am forever grateful for what we achieved together and I will cherish my images forever. She really made me feel confident and empowered in my own skin, something I never thought I was capable of.

- M

"It's really hard to put in words my emotions, but I will try my best.

The whole thing about getting older, getting a few more wrinkles, and my body not reacting to the diet I implement to feel healthy can be seen by most of us and hear that voice of negativity. We easily look in the mirror and self-talk ourselves down. I have to be honest, it happen to all of us. I started avoiding mirrors and got to put more layers on just to cover myself instead of bracing it. I know we all will do this at some stage of life. We need to get through it by surrounding ourselves with people who are true and kind.

Someone like Luana, who sees you through her lenses the way that your positive voice is telling you, it's another level of professionalism. The calm voice, smile, and caring take you through the most nervous moments of self-doubt and enable you to explore and create the most beautiful image of you. It's outstanding

The strong, independent, powerful, and beautiful human being that you should feel every day. I never felt so feminine as during my photoshot and embracing my body as it was was all I needed. It only makes me think how wonderful it is to get older!

Thank you, Luana, for your ART work! Highly recommended."

"Luana is a phenomenal photographer. When we discussed the shoot, I was a little worried I would feel self conscious - but I needn’t have had any anxiety. From the very second we met to shoot, she put me at total ease - and any reservations I had flew out the window. I felt 100% comfortable and empowered, and even more importantly, had so much fun! I am SO happy with the final results - Luana, you are brilliant. I feel so grateful to have these photographs ☺️ I really couldn’t recommend her highly enough! Shoot with her, and you absolutely will not regret it."


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to get fully naked?

Absolutely not. It is completely up to you.
My intimate portrait style is not about being naked or provocative.

Some people start a session already knowing they want to go full nude, others get there as the session progresses, and others just don't.

I will not dictate what feels empowering to you. It doesn't matter if you want to be clothed or bare it all, I will be there for you in the same way.

What if my house is not pretty?

I am sure it is, but if you are concerned I can tell you that, as long as your house has windows, we will make it work. I will tell you a secret - there is a lot of furniture moving in a shoot and all houses have windows!

Alternatively, we can use a different location that you are happy with.
This can all be discussed on our pre-shoot call.

What if I get uncomfortable?

That is absolutely fine, it happens!
With my VIP Experience, I offer a longer shoot for those who are very nervous about this. Having 4 hours allows me to give you additional support and time, if you need it, with no rush whatsoever.

We take it easy, listen to music, stop for breaks and chats, experiment together, and most importantly - we have fun.

If you get uncomfortable, tell me and I will ask you what I can do to help, suggest a break and we can go from there.
Please note - I am a bit of a wizard at making people feel comfortable so if you decide to go for the Mini-Experience, you are still in good hands!

Are you going to make me look prettier?

No - you are gorgeous the way you are.

This is not boudoir photography (usually based around a total makeover) - this is a celebration of YOU. 

Depending on the client, I will remove the odd pimple (like a temporary blemish) and I do colour grade all my images according to my style.

However, I do not change your appearance drastically: I will not make people look slimmer, with perfect skin or like they are on a Vogue cover. This is not what my service is about. I celebrate bodies and faces for the way they are.

If you are after something more retouched, there are some great photographers out there that offer that service - I hope you find the perfect match for you!

It's normal to feel nervous, do you fancy a chat?
Remember: I am here for you!

You can contact me by clicking on the bottom below.

This will redirect you to my contact form!

If you rather a face-to-face chat, you can schedule a FREE introduction call with me instead!

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