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Welcome to Intimate Portraits by Lu - a UK Portrait Photographer with a twist!

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I'm Luana Martignon, an intimate portrait photographer.

Though I'm originally from Italy, I've called the UK home for nearly a decade now, and I'm currently based near Cambridge (home of the world-famous Cambridge University). Fortunately, my work takes me to London, across the United Kingdom, and sometimes even farther afield – photography truly knows no bounds, and I absolutely love travelling.

Among the many things I adore are petting dogs (see a cool article about dogs on National Geographic), eating delicious food (Pizza Pilgrims is my favourite pizza in the UK so far!), and watching football at the stadium (Cambridge United is the local team I support).

As for the things I'm not so fond of, they include misogynists, double standards, and driving on the motorway.

The photo below captures a fun moment from a shoot, with me and a lovely mom-to-be being goofy.

Uk boudoir photographer Luana Martignon and a pregnant client self portrait reflection in a mirror.

A UK Portrait Photographer that focuses on empowerment

Even though sometimes people might get confused, THIS IS NOT BOUDOIR! Let me explain why:

  • My photography experiences, lasting four hours, are all about celebrating your body and personality without the layers of fancy makeup and hairstyles, or provocative poses. I believe that your uniqueness is what makes you extraordinary.

  • You won't find the typical "before & after" transformation from "tired mom of 2" to "sexy goddess" here. Instead, the change happens within you. It's about building confidence, embracing gratitude for your body, and cultivating self-love. This isn't for everyone, so if you're considering working with me, it means you're already on a journey of self-discovery, and I'm proud of you.

Photo by Luana Martignon. Naked woman and her reflection in a mirror.

  • I can't do all the work and I won't be able to help you love yourself unless you do the work too. That's why each experience includes tailor-made exercises to feed that inner confidence.

  • I don't have a traditional studio; my studio is the world itself! Most of my clients prefer the comfort of their own homes, which offers familiarity and a variety of room options and lighting conditions. If your home doesn't inspire you, I can assist you in finding suitable studios or hotel/B&B to rent or we can explore natural settings.

Photo by Luana Martignon. Curvy woman laying on pink sofa in the nude.

  • I only take a limited number of clients each month. This choice comes from my commitment to giving each client my utmost attention. These experiences can be intense and vulnerable for me as well; as a deeply empathetic person, holding space for my clients requires a lot of my energy. Every experience is custom-tailored, as every individual is unique, necessitating extra planning and effort. When you factor in occasional long-distance travel and overnight stays, you'll understand the dedication involved. Limiting my client intake allows me to focus 100% on their needs, ensuring the best possible experience I can offer.

  • My intimate portrait experiences are not aimed as a present to someone else: THEY ARE FOR YOU. I work with you, as a team, to provide YOU with value, feed your self-esteem, and celebrate your uniqueness. Of course - you can do everything you please with your images (everything but monetise them!) but it is fundamental that we are on the same boat when shaping this experience for YOU.

  • Your empowering experience does not have to include nudity or semi-nudity. The focus is empowerment. You can have a look at my editorial work to see some different types of photos that might fit what you see as empowering more. What I love the most about what I do is the creative side: I get to work with so many different people on different projects! Whatever makes your heart sing, talk to me and let's do it together.

Body-positivity and Empowerment focused blog

Through this blog, I will keep you updated on my photography work and ongoing projects. I'll also be sharing self-love tips that have worked for me, along with personal reflections and inspirational content that I find motivating

Please leave a comment before you go.



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