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Bathroom. You can see towels, tiling, and the shadow of Luana Martignon, the photographer, on the wall.
Self-portrait of Luana Martignon, woman photographer and creator of Intimate Portraits by Lu. She looks at the camera, and sits on a bed in her lingerie, confident and fierce. It's like a boudoir image but natural, genuine and non-posed.
photo of Luana Martignon as a child. She's in the mountains. She looks confident. You can see an Italian flag.

My Journey

My name is Luana Martignon (she/her/hers) and I am a Cambridge and London based photographer in her 30s.

Growing up in Italy, body image insecurity was engraved in my brain from a very young age. I was often called "hunchback" and "fake skinny", to the point that I would even tell shop assistants that I was a "fake skinny" myself and that they should give me bigger sizes. Looking back, I was always wearing ill-fitted clothes to hide a body that was healthy and beautiful.


The truth is that when I was a size 10, I thought I was too big.

When I was a size 12, I thought I was too big.

Now I am a size 14, and I am learning to roll with it (no puns intended!).


Since my teenage years, I have used photography as a form of expressing myself and self-healing. I take self-portraits to process my traumas, explore my emotions and/or share my pain.

Through my own experiences, I learned how powerful having your photos taken can be in your journey of self-acceptance.


I firmly believe that body diversity is one of our greatest strengths as humans.

Our bodies work hard to keep us alive.

Our scars, marks, dips and rolls tell our story.

The way we look and behave is what makes every human unique and special.

If using photography to improve self-acceptance has worked for me, it can also benefit others.

This is why I decided to start a business that provides a service for people like me: people who want to celebrate their body and their story through an intense, vulnerable, empowering and empathic experience focused around self-acceptance.


"Intimate Portraits by Lu" is more than just a photography service to me; it's an empowering experience dedicated to celebrating the uniqueness of every individual through authentic and natural portraits.

Having struggled with self-love my whole life, I can relate to people who are going through the stages of accepting and appreciating themselves for how they truly are.

This is why I decided to specialise in a type of photography that captures intimate, genuine, and gently posed moments of people just being their beautiful selves.

My photography goes beyond the surface, delving deep to reveal the true essence of my clients just as they are, in all their authenticity.

It's a celebration of what makes us unique, special, and beautiful in our own right and I firmly believe that everyone deserves to have a collection of stunning, empowering photographs that will serve as a timeless reminder of their beauty and strength.

Like a best friend, I make space to ensure that every client feels comfortable, confident, and empowered throughout the entire photographic experience. With these sessions, I want to celebrate self-appreciation, particularly appreciating the remarkable abilities of our bodies.

I tailor each experience to the unique needs and desires of each client and I choose who I work with because these sessions are intense for me too, and I need to make sure I can provide a safe space for both of us.

At "Intimate Portraits by Lu," my mission is to empower, celebrate, and create lasting memories that showcase the beauty within. Your journey towards self-love, empowerment, and appreciation starts here, and I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

Because of my values, I also occasionally offer special rates for certain individuals, for example, those living with disabilities, recovering from surgery or survivors of abuse. If you feel like sharing your story, please get in touch.

Luana Martignon photographer taking an intimate self-portrait with a pregnant woman in a mirror
Luana Martignon photographer taking an intimate self-portrait with a diabetic woman in a mirror

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