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Body Confidence Photography: what to expect from this experience.

With Intimate Portraits by Lu, I want to empower individuals through confidence-boosting photography. My approach is a mix of documentary and gentle posing through prompts. We will work together to create timeless images that you will always look back at and think "Yes, that's me, and I am enough as I am".

Everyone has struggled with their body image at least once. I am here to be your cheerleader and help you celebrate your body and uniqueness to strengthen your confidence, feed that self-acceptance and show you what I see: an incredible, beautiful human being.

My Offerings:

Mini Experience

1.5-hours Experience

From £349

VIP Experience

4-hours Experience

From £549

Fine Art Printed Keepsakes

Price on request.

For a detailed investment guide, please get in touch.

Payment plans are available.



We are here to accept your body as it is - only temporary blemishes will be removed. We can explore your feelings around this together.


Comfort, support, compassion.

It can be a challenging journey,

and I am here for you.


Bring your true self & an open mind.

We can explore and challenge negative thoughts together.


We will discuss and mutually

respect each other's

boundaries & access needs.

Teamwork is fundamental.


The end goal is your well-being.
The main focus is your empowering experience & photos are a welcome token of our time together.


I will put in 100% commitment, and you should do the same.
This is your empowering journey: give it your all.


Ready to book, or are you still on the fence?

You can contact me by clicking on the bottom below.

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Do you prefer a face-to-face chat?

Schedule a FREE introduction call with me instead!

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